lorraine garcia-nakata

lorraine garcia-nakata

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I contact with questions related to orders?

For questions related to orders of the fine art reproductions, contact artist, Lorraine García-Nakata via this website.

For general questions about Candela Fine Art Printing processes, business owner Brad Boca, can field those general questions. Email: studio@candelafineart.com 

Will you be offering additional Lorraine García-Nakata fine art print reproductions of her other drawings?

Yes, additional selections will be added. The cost to the artist for digital capture of larger drawings, is significant.  Sales of current prints will help offset cost of scanning additional works.

Can I purchase a smaller version of the fine art prints?

They are not reproduced in a different size than listed. These prints are meant to be accurate reproductions, in actual size, of the original drawings by Lorraine García-Nakata.

Does Candela Fine Art Printing represent you as an artist?

No, Candela Fine Art Printing does not “represent” the artist. Candela works with the artist on initial image capture and is responsible for the print on demand reproduction and shipping process.

Can multiple prints be purchased of the same print?

Yes, multiple prints of the same image can be purchased.

What are the shipping options?

Larger fine art print reproduction must be shipped Federal Express (shipped from Candela the printer).

Smaller fine art print reproductions can be shipped United States Postal Service (USPS) or Federal Express.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes, international shipping can be arranged.