For the first time! Selected Lorraine García-Nakata Large-ScaleDrawings Are Available for Purchase as Fine Art, Actual Size (height: 7 feet), Print Reproductions!

I am so pleased to announce that several of my original drawings are, for the first time, available for purchase as fine art reproductions. Working with local Bay Area fine art printer, Candela, reproductions of selected original drawings can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of an original drawing. These reproductions maintain their detail, color, and especially the visual impact of their actual seven-foot high scale. It's exciting to initiate this fine art reproduction effort, making available an initial selection of my original large-scale drawings and also of my smaller scale ‘Alma Series’ line drawings.


I have been waiting years for technology to catch up in order to accurately capture the detail of my large-scale work and to reproduced them on fine art cotton rag, archival grade, and weight paper.

The cost of purchasing my original large-scale drawings is often out of reach for interested buyers (ranging from $20,000-25,000 for an original 7 ft. height drawing). However, I can now offer (for an accessible price) an initial selection of these works, in actual size, as fine art reproductions that maintain remarkable clarity and detail.

-Lorraine García-Nakata, RCAF


“Alma Series” Drawings: Selected Fine Art Reproductions
Actual size (22"x30") charcoal, line drawing, reproductions

After completing a formal series of drawings, I often render line drawings in sketchbooks. Line drawing forces an economy of line, a challenge I very much enjoy. It’s a visual artist’s short poem and a good way to explore ideas, concepts and hone the skill that comes with simplifying, quickly sharing a complex idea. Sketches in personal sketchbooks often include many important drawings, yet they are rarely accessible to the public. Instead, they remain a part of a family holding or a collection of a museum or institution.

About Alma: The persona “Alma,” has over decades, found her way into in many of my works. In the “Alma Series,” her visual form evolves and takes form in this series of over 40 charcoal drawings rendered on 22”x 30” sheets of fine grade paper.--Lorraine García-Nakata

At this time, an initial selection of three “Alma Series” fine art drawing reproductions are available and for purchase. It is anticipated that there will be more drawing reproductions available for sale from “The Alma Series,” at some point in the future.

“Lorraine completed a series of charcoal line drawings on paper entitled the ‘Alma Series.’ Scaled down drawings, Lorraine focuses her rendering on Alma (a visual persona Lorraine first drew in 1974), allowing her to continue to evolve. But, in this series, Lorraine focuses on charcoal line drawings as an exercise in expressing complex ideas through the poetic simplicity and discipline of the line. Without censorship or over-thinking, the series incorporates and references the hand.”–– Dr. Ella Maria Diaz, Cornell University, Curatorial Essay excerpt, Lorraine García-Nakata Retrospective, “Navigating By Hand,” July 26, 2015