Inretrospect (7 feet x 3 feet, 9")

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new LGN Lrg Drawing-0026 copy.jpg
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Inretrospect (7 feet x 3 feet, 9")


Fine art reproduction (of original drawing, charcoal on paper, 1990), fine art print reproduction dimensions: 7 ½ ft. x 3 ft, 9.”

The security “LGN” watermark will not be on the print you will receive.

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“In retrospect” is a very personal piece. I imagine it may also be relevant to you as you take a moment to view it and read this statement. The young woman in this drawing has paused to take stock of her life choices and the slow but steady losses in both spirit and physical form that are the result. It can be startling. The pile of leaves, that have fallen from the vine of life to the floor, are symbolic of her personal costs. The raised and hovering stones behind her symbolize her history and its weight. This piece represents the moment where it all begins to change. She now moves to reconcile all she has lost and explore her yet undiscovered strengths.

Additional photo: Lorraine, at Candela Fine Art Printing reviewing several test strips in order to arrive at an accurate final of the seven-foot fine art reproduction of “Inretrospect.” The only difference between the reproduction and the original charcoal drawing is that the reproduction does not smear and the price is significantly more affordable.


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