Lamar (7 feet, 1/2" x 4 feet 2")

lighter watermark LGN LrgPastel Drawing-0069 copy 2 3.jpg
lighter watermark LGN LrgPastel Drawing-0069 copy 2 3.jpg

Lamar (7 feet, 1/2" x 4 feet 2")


Artist: Lorraine García-Nakata

Fine Art Print Reproduction: (of original pastel on paper, 2007), fine art print reproduction dimensions: 7 ½ ft. x 4 ft. 2”

The security “LGN” watermark will not be on the print you will receive.

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When I draw, I have a general idea or concept of what I want to create. As this drawing progressed, it changed a lot, more so than usual before reaching its final state (features, skin tone, expression and color pallet). Once completed, I sat to view the work, to understand it. It’s a process I experience with most drawings. It introduces itself to me. As I sat with this drawing, I realized the woman in the drawing was my late daughter, Lamar. While the drawing is personal for me, “Lamar” also personifies all that we know, and all that we don’t yet realize we inherently know. She resides in the ocean, the sky, the womb, and in what we breathe. “Lamar” provides a glimpse of our full potential, a precious knowledge. I am reminded that we each have an internal compass, a plumb line to help navigate, the sometimes, messy and exhilarating business of living.

Here, the fine art print reproduction is ready for mounting/framing. This photo shows a section of this seven-foot “Lamar” print. The print reproduction quality is amazing. The only difference between the reproduction and the original drawing is that the reproduction does not smear and the price is significantly more affordable than the original drawing.


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