The Red Shoes (diptych-left) (7 feet. x 3 feet. 9.”)

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new LGN Lrg Drawing-0040 copy.jpg

The Red Shoes (diptych-left) (7 feet. x 3 feet. 9.”)

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Artist: Lorraine García-Nakata

Fine Art Reproduction (diptych-left): (of original diptych drawing set, charcoal/pastel on paper, 1990), fine art print reproduction dimensions: 7 ft. x 3 ft. 9.”

The security “LGN” watermark will not be on the print you will receive.

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The fine art print reproduction of this diptych drawing (two drawings) is an amazingly accurate fine art print reproduction and is for the first time available for purchase.

“The Red Shoes” diptych is one of Lorraine García-Nakata’s most notable charcoal and conté drawings. It was rendered two years before author Clarissa Pinkola Esta’s book,“Women Who Run With the Wolves” was published. Pinkola Esta’s includes a chapter entitled, “The Red Shoes,” which reconciles with artist, Lorraine García-Nakata’s intention as she created “The Red Shoes” diptych drawing. This drawing has been included in numerous exhibitions and toured throughout the United States and abroad.

A portrait of my daughter, Monica H. García, at five years of age, she wears her red shoes. Patent leather shoes were first created in the 1950’s and initially only available in the color black, then soon after in white patent leather. But, it was when red patent leather shoes appeared, that as a young child, I saw them as somehow special, power shoes. At about 5 years of age, young girls begin to know and explore their innate power. “The Red Shoes” drawing personifies that early development period as well as the life-long unfolding and development of one’s innate and authentic personal power.”–– Lorraine García-Nakata

The original “Red Shoes” drawing will remain part of the Lorraine García-Nakata personal collection. However, for the first time a remarkable fine art print reproduction, in actual size (7 ft. x 3 ft. 9”), can be yours. “The Red Shoes” diptych is available for purchase (two print diptych set) or you can select and purchase only one of the two images (left or right) of this important diptych. It’s your choice.


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