Wisdom and Strength / by Lorraine Garcia-Nakata


Wisdom and Strength


Artist: Lorraine García-Nakata, pastel on paper, 7Ft. x 7Ft., 2019

Hair is memory. It connects us to life force, balancing the movement of this life energy through our physical and intuitive body. Here is an elder whose hair has begun to gray. Elders have lived, retained, and shed many, many experiences. Being both wise and powerful, they have no need to impose what they know. Instead, they stand ready to share precious knowledge when the time is right or when the need to know is finally realized by those who are seeking and maturing. Especially now, it is the elders, along with some of the very, very young children, who will know what to do. It will require being ready to hear and listen to what they have to say.

This is my most recent large drawing. I share a photo including me to give you a better sense of its scale. As you may know, scale continues to be a preferred way I work. My brain doesn’t feel crowded when working large. It also allows the entire body to be involved and not just the brain and arm. Since I often begin with a general idea of what I’d like to render, the physical body, mind, and decades of drawing experience take over. I let it all converge and often results in a surprising and unexpected result.

I’d been considering a drawing of only hair for a long time, but wasn’t sure it would be of any consequence. However, once completed, it had an unexpected power that I could feel and also shared information I needed at that time. Those that have viewed this drawing in person, or on-line, seem to also be especially affected in some way. So, I am glad that I took the risk, to commit (to what seemed a very simple concept) to such a large paper. I hope you enjoy it. ––Lorraine García-Nakata