Expecting To Fly 6 / by Lorraine García-Nakata

Whitney Houston
I've had my hands all over my sketch book, letting them explore and reveal things without my brain getting in the way too much. I do this as I'm initiating a new series of large scale drawings. When in this mode, I focus and why I've been away from writing. Thought I should share this with you and that  a sneak peak of a few sketches is coming.

Before jumping into that "conversation" with you, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge who is in mind. Whitney Houston, I'm not ready to say "was" just yet, is remarkable. Her voice, we will continue to hear because much of her work has been captured. There are not many with her physical vocal skill and range or how she taps her emotion to lead the way into and through a song. Great musicians know this is key, no matter what instrument they marry.

Whitney has had some tough times. I think of my other vocal hero Phyllis Hyman and how her remarkable vocal life was cut short due to a great sadness. Many that publicly judged Whitney, now "sing" their praises. It seems it would have been helpful to let her know this level of praise on Friday, February 10th instead of waiting till Sunday 12th. This can be troubling to witness, but I also realize it's "human nature" to shift gears like that when a person is gone. It's just the way it is and I'm reconciled with how that works. It's not one of our finer human traits.

My intention here is to share what is in mind and to honor Whitney Houston before going into anything else about how writing, visual art, and music provide a compass for my own life.

For now, dear friends, I leave you with this little bit of her music. It's my hope that we each commit today to do one thing that we love without telling ourselves it's not really important. Do that in honor of Whitney and yourself. Let it fly.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysu1SqtKJMs

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